ARC Procedure for Siding

The Olympia Architectural Review Committee (ARC), with the approval from the Olympia Homeowners Assn. (OHA) Board of Trustees, has established the following procedure for the installation of siding on individual homes.  Any homeowner considering the installation of new siding must observe the following procedure.

1.     Submit an “Application for Modification to Your Home” form to the ARC.  These forms are available on the resident rack, across from the library in the clubhouse, or are available on the website:
2.     Homeowner’s decision regarding choice of siding must be submitted to the ARC, for approval by the OHA Board of Trustees, before purchase and installation can begin. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to investigate the type, style, and cost of siding.  The entire cost of installing siding is the obligation of the homeowner.
3.     Type of siding chosen must maintain the style and color used on all Olympia homes
4.     Types of acceptable siding:
a.     Vertical wood paneling – after installation, siding must be painted Sherwin Williams Belvidere Tan (SW#3002)
b.     Vertical vinyl siding
§  Two-gauge thickness, beginning with 0.44mm thickness or greater (heavier gauge preferred)
§  Material must be fire retardant (will melt not burn in event of fire), due to close proximity of Olympia homes
§  Must be a color that is as close a match as possible to the approved paint color for Olympia Homes (Sherwin Williams Belvidere Tan SW#3002)
5.     Contractors must be licensed, bonded, and insured, and must also be registered with the City of Strongsville.
6.     The contractor must obtain a permit from the City of Strongsville prior to installation.  Permit forms are available at the Strongsville City Service Building, located on Foltz Parkway.

If considering the installation of new siding, the ARC recommends the homeowner choose a competent, experienced siding contractor with local references.  The ARC also suggests the homeowner investigate the following:
§  Manufacturer’s length of time in business (check with the BBB)
§  Time limit on warranties
§  Transferable warranty (important consideration for potential resale of the home)
§  A local distributor (for easy availability)
§  Fade warranty (critical in sunny climates)
§  Hail warranty (an indication of damage resistance)

-OHA revised, May 2017