Important Contact Numbers

Important Contact Numbers - Dial 911 for emergencies!


Olympia Homeowners Association, 12657 Olympus Way, Strongsville, OH 44149

The City of Strongsville website,, includes information about government Agencies, city hall, city services, parks and recreation, schools, senior center, etc. The City’s phone number is 440-580-3100. Below is a quick list of some of the services and important phone numbers which are also on the City’s website.


FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES, 17000 Prospect Road, Strongsville, OH 44149


POLICE DEPARTMENT, 18688 Royalton Road, Strongsville, OH 44149


UTILITIES | City of Strongsville

            If you think you smell gas/carbon monoxide, 1) Stop what you are doing, 2) Go to a safe place away from the building, 3) Call 911. Once you are outside and in a safe place call Columbia Gas.
        To report a water main break/leak, or discolored water, call Cleveland Water's 24-hour emergency call center at 216-664-3060.