November 18, 2021

Attendees: Fred Morey (Pres); Joy Bruner (Vice-Pres); Trustees: Sue DeLancey , Bob Osicka  and  Gretchen Schumacher; Tom Bender  (Treas);Terry Dillehay(Sec).


Pledge of Allegiance: Fred led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Residents Forum:

New Residents:  Roger and Judy Davis from Altis Ct. introduced themselves and were welcomed.

Comments /Questions from Residents:.

A resident asked about potential 2nd exit out of Olympia for emergency purposes. Fred advised that the police department was asked to do an evaluation and recommendation. Concern has arisen since the entrance and exit from Olympia was blocked during a gas leak on Olympus Way.


Call Meeting to Order: Fred called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.

Roll Call: Fred introduced the Board members.   

Minutes: Fred reported that minutes of the November 21, 2019 Open Board Meeting were approved at a previous Board Work Session and are available in the binder at the Clubhouse and on the website.


Treasurer’s Report: Tom discussed The Treasurer’s Report as of November 15, 2021 (See attached) and explained that the formal report was presented at the August Annual meeting (rescheduled from January 2021 due to Covid). He indicated that we are in a sound financial position at this time.

President’s Report: Fred indicated that there is no President’s report since one was presented at the August Annual meeting (rescheduled from January 2021 due to Covid).

Governing Documents Update: Joy Bruner reported that the amendments to the governing documents passed with 128 affirmative, 3 negative and 1 split votes. Information was provided to our attorney who will file the request for amendment with the state.


Old Business: No Old Business


New Business:

Trustee Nomination: Fred advised that the Nominating Committee submitted the name of Cathie  Lucarelli  and Craig Hartman  as nominee for the Trustee positions to fill the vacancies  in 2022 when Joy’s  and Gretchen’s terms expire.  The Board approved the recommendation of the Nominating Committee. Both candidates provided a brief description of their individual background. The nomination will be voted on at the January Annual Meeting.

Survey: surveying work of property lines should be completed by the end of the year.

Sewer Project: the project continues moving forward.


2022 Budget: Tom thanked the Chairpersons of all committees and the Finance Committee for their work in developing the 2022 budget.  He explained that the first pass at the budget required a $25 per quarter increase; the Finance Committees along with other committees revamped the budget and reduced expenses. The recommendation to the board was a $10 per quarter increase with the stipulation, that if the rate of inflation continues, there may need to be adjustments during the year. The Board approved increasing the quarterly maintenance fees from $ 500 to $ 510 per quarter and the stipulation.


Second Resident Forum: Questions were asked about documentation, reserve fees , and requests that the Board resume the standard format of sitting up front at the Open Board meetings.

 Next Meeting: Annual Meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 20, 2022; Registration at 7:00 PM and meeting at 7:30 PM. Everyone was reminded to turn in their proxies regardless of plans to attend the meeting. 


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7: 23 PM.





Terry Dillehay, Board Secretary

September 16, 2021

Attendees: Fred Morey  (Pres); Joy Bruner (Vice-Pres), Trustees: Sue DeLancey,and Gretchen Schumacher; Tom Bender (Treas),   Terry Dillehay (Sec).

Excused Absent: Bob Osicka

Call to Order: Fred called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance:  Fred led the association in the Pledge of Allegiance.

New Residents: Introductions were skipped since this occurred at the August Annual Meeting. .

Purpose of the Overview Meeting:  Fred explained that this meeting is held to hear reports from Committee Chairs/representatives about work of their committee. The board does not conduct business at this time.


Minutes: The minutes of the Overview Meeting of September 20, 2019 were approved at a prior Board Work Session and are available online and in the binder at the receptionist desk.


Committee Reports: where indicated “see original report”, the report is filed in the Master Minutes binder which is stored, after inspection by association accountants, in the Treasurer’s office.



ARC: no report provided

Clubhouse Cleaning Service: Fred advised that the group is working on a contract for cleaning. The service will be expanded to include a light clean on Thursdays.

Clubhouse Interior Long Range Planning: see original report

Clubhouse Maintenance: see original report

Clubhouse Reservations: It was reported that some reservations were scheduled during the summer but none at this time.

Fitness Center: see report

Finance: see original report

Governing Documents: see original report

Ground Structures: see original report

Landscape: see original report

Pool Operations:  see original report

Security: see original report

Social: see original report

Welcome: 19 new residents were welcomed and explanations about Olympia provided.  


Fred provided an explanation of some future projects that are being reviewed.


Comments/Questions from Residents:  The following issues/comments were mentioned by residents:

-          It was questioned if a chair will be appointed for ARC; yes one will be appointed

-          A question was raised about the Paint Committee and it was clarified that the paint committee functions are merged with ARC’s functions as was customary in prior years

-          A resident mentioned that her condo has not been painted even though she gave a deposit

-          A resident reported experiencing a problem with a “critter” trying to get into the home

-          It was questioned if letters were sent to home owners on 2021 paint list who have not painted to date; a response was  provided that homes are still being painted and scheduled to be painted therefore no need for letters to be sent at this time        

Next Meeting: Open Board Meeting November 18, 2021 at 7:00 PM.


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 PM.




Terry Dillehay

Board Secretary

August 19, 2021

Prior to the official start of the meeting, Fred asked all residents in attendance, who have moved in since the last Annual meeting, to introduce themselves. The new residents were welcomed by those in attendance.


Call Meeting to Order: Fred Morey called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM. He led the association in the pledge of allegiance.


Guest: Fred introduced a guest, Lindsey Wrubel, our association’s attorney from Eques Law, who will address our governing documents. He indicated that Jim Carbone is scheduled to address the group about a program that Strongsville is initiating. However, he was detained at a meeting and may join us later.

Introductions: Fred introduced the current trustees and officers.

Quorum: Terry Dillehay verified a quorum of 136 residents (68%) either present or by proxy, thus enabling the meeting to proceed.  An additional two households  attended but did not provide proxy nor sign in.

Minutes: Fred asked those present if they wished for the minutes from last year’s meeting to be read. He indicated that they were previously approved by the Board at a work session, and have been available on the web and in the binder at the receptionist desk. Rich Bruner made a motion to dispense with reading of the minutes, Jeanne Martin seconded. 

Lindsey Wrubel, attorney Eques Law Firm: Lindsey complimented our association; she acknowledged that the amount of time the board members and community volunteers provide, results in the association being one of the most efficient groups, without a professional property management company, that she has worked with. She further explained that our documents, Covenants and Restrictions and Code of Regulations have been used without updating since 2011 and at that time only minimal changes were addressed.  One of the goals of updating these documents is to eliminate redundant terms and use less legalistic verbiage for ease of understanding.  The plan is for the Board to send out drafts of proposed documents for residents to review; additionally, forms will be included on which residents can ask questions or request clarification.  Two meetings for residents will be held to answer these questions and obtain input. To adopt the changes requires a majority of owners voting affirmatively. The meetings will be held on 9/23 at 7 PM and 9/30 at 1PM. After the meetings are held any changes that may be necessitated will be made. Lindsey provided numerous examples of proposed changes.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom reviewed the Treasurer’s Report as of 09/19/2021 and highlighted specific areas of the budget (see attached). He indicated that Olympia’s financial situation is sound.

President’s Report: Fred briefly highlighted some activities and functions throughout the year:

  • -stones /bocce court; addressed drainage issues              
  • -new trees on walking path
  • -new street signs                                                                    
  • -walking path fixed and sealed
  • -sidewalks repaired behind clubhouse                                
  • -landscaping improvements
  • -numerous social functions                                                    
  • -repair of walkway to pool
  • -sidewalks on Doria Ct.
  • -working on flooding situation between Doria and Ionia Cts.
  • -change to insurance carrier saved money and provided better service
  • -updated security system                                                      
  • -increased bandwidth on Wi-Fi
  • -changed electricity provider decreasing cost 7.5%          
  • -replaced pool sliding doors
  • -painted pool area, restrooms and updated locker rooms
  • -sanitized everything during COVID                                      
  • -currently out for bids for cleaning service


Potential future projects being analyzed: automating front doors; gas conversion; solar panel studied but payback too lengthy; new carpeting projected for 2026; deep cleaning of facility.                                   

 Fred thanked the committees and volunteers for all their work and acknowledged the work of Jim, Jeff and Jan as Trustees and thanked them for their terms as Trustees.


 Election of new Trustee: Fred reported that the Nominating Committee recommended the nomination of Sue DeLancey and Bob Osica to fill the vacancies of Jim Dettmer and Jeff Meyers/replaced by Jan Kerchs (when Jeff resigned) on the Board of Trustees effective after this meeting. The said recommendation was approved by the current Board of Trustees.  Fred excused Sue so a vote could be held and asked all present for a vote; Bob was not present as he was out of state. Unanimous approval was received from those in attendance of Sue Delancey and Bob Osicka to complete the current term until January 2024.


No Old Business

No New Business

Closing Remarks:  Fred thanked all for the many volunteer hours dedicated to Olympia. He indicated that Jim Carbone, Councilperson at Large, still plans on stopping in. All were invited to social time in the dining room.  


Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.



Terry Dillehay, Board Secretary