Emergency Notices


Rules Governing the Olympia Clubhouse During the COVID Pandemic


Masks must be worn at all times when inside the Clubhouse (exception– in the swimming pool).



-         Utilize social distancing when conducting meetings at the clubhouse.

-         Wipe down the tables with disinfectant after use.

-         Use the patio tables whenever possible for meetings


Swimming Pool

-         At this time, the locker rooms are not open for use.

-         Residents only – no guests allowed in the pool.

-         The maximum number of people using the pool at the same time is 6.

-         The maximum time each individual can be in the pool is 1 ½ hours.

-         Wash your hands for 20 seconds before and after using the pool.

-         Wipe down the ladder or railing with sanitizer after use.


Fitness Room

-         Disinfect everything you touch.

-         Residents only – no guests allowed in the fitness room.

-         A maximum of three residents can use the fitness room at one time.