Procedure for Fencing

The Olympia Architectural Review Committee (ARC), with approval from the Olympia Homeowners Assn. (OHA) Board of Trustees, has established the following procedure for the installation or removal of a fence, and the modification of an existing fence.  Any homeowner considering a fencing project on their property must observe the following procedure.

1.     Simple repairs do not need OHA approval and do not require submission of an ARC application form, provided no changes are being made in the fencing.
2.     For installation, replacement, modification, or removal of fencing, submit an “Application for Modification to Your Home” form to the ARC.  These forms are available on the resident rack, across from the library in the clubhouse, or on the website:
3.     Approval (in writing, signed and dated) must be obtained from all neighbors directly affected by the installation, replacement, modification or removal of the fence.  The written approvals from the affected neighbors and the ARC application form must be submitted at the same time.
4.     After receiving the application form and the written approval from neighbors, the ARC will review the fencing proposal and will recommend approval or disapproval of the fencing project.
5.     If the application meets all specifications for fencing and is approved by the ARC, it will be submitted to the OHA Board of Trustees for a final written approval.
6.     If the application does not meet all the specifications for fencing, the ARC will recommend disapproval.  ARC members then meet with the homeowner and discuss the reason(s) for disapproval, and offer advisory opinions and recommendations to obtain final approval from the OHA Board of Trustees.
7.     After receiving written approval from the OHA Board of Trustees, the homeowner must obtain a permit from the City of Strongsville.  Permit forms are available at the Strongsville City Services Building located on Foltz Parkway. 
8.     All work must be done by a licensed contractor who is also registered with the City of Strongsville. 
9.     No part of the fencing project may begin before the homeowner receives final written approval from the OHA Board of Trustees and has secured a permit from the City of Strongsville..
10.                        The following requirements are required for all fencing projects within Olympia:
a.     Fences may not exceed a maximum of 6 feet in height
b.     Paint or vinyl siding on all fences must meet Olympia house paint color specifications
c.      The fence must be similar to the style established throughout Olympia.  Any variation will be rejected.

-OHA revised May, 2017