Procedure for Roofing


The Olympia Architectural Review Committee (ARC), with approval from the Olympia Homeowners Assn. (OHA) Board of Trustees, has established the following procedure for reroofing a home.  Any homeowner considering having the roof of the home, repaired or replaced, must follow this procedure.

1.     Repair or replacement of a roof is the responsibility of the homeowner.  The OHA has neither a timetable nor a reimbursement fund for roofing.

2.     Submit an “Application for Modification to Your Home” form to the ARC.  These forms are available on the resident rack, across from the library in the clubhouse, or are available on the Olympia website

3.     After receiving approval from the ARC and the OHA Board of Trustees, the homeowner must obtain a building permit from the City of Strongsville.  Permit forms are available at the Strongsville City Service Building, located on Foltz Parkway.

4.     Work must be done by a licensed contractor.  The contractor must also be registered with the City of Strongsville.

5.     All repairs or replacement must follow OHA specifications for the type of shingles to be used.  These specifications are:
a.     Certain Teed
b.     3 tab- Fiberglass
c.       “Weathered Wood” Pattern

-OHA revised, May 2017