Procedure for Satellite Dishes


The Olympia Architectural Review Committee (ARC), with approval from the Olympia Homeowners Assn. (OHA) Board of Trustees, has established the following procedure for the installation, relocation, or removal of a satellite dish on the home.

Installation of a Satellite Dish
1.     This is an interactive procedure between the homeowner and a member of the ARC.
2.     Homeowner must submit an “Application for Modification to Your Home” form to the ARC.  These forms are available on the resident rack, across from the library in the clubhouse, or are available on the website:
3.     An ARC member will meet with the homeowner within four weekdays of submission of the application.  Together they will review the Olympia Resident Handbook, as it applies to antennas, the issues pertaining to satellite installations, and the approval process.
4.     The homeowner then schedules the installation by contacting the service provider’s locally recommended installation company, and explaining Olympia’s requirement that the dish must be installed so as to be out of sight from the street. 
5.     At the time of installation, the ARC representative, the homeowner and the installer will find and approve the appropriate location for the satellite dish.
a.     If there is no problem with the location of the satellite dish on the roof (i.e. out of sight from the street) the installation can be completed.
b.     If there is a problem, alternative locations will be identified.  If acceptable to the homeowner and the ARC, the installation can be completed.
c.      If no alternative is acceptable to the homeowner, the installation will not be completed at that time.  Within seven days, the ARC member will document the situation and take the homeowner’s case back to the ARC for satisfactory resolution. 

Relocation of a Satellite Dish - the same restrictions and procedures will apply in relocating a satellite dish. This situation is not likely to occur very frequently.  If it does, the ARC will work with the homeowner to process the request to relocate the satellite dish, without undue delay.

Removal of a Satellite Dish – it is not necessary to request ARC approval for dish removal.

Note:  During both relocation and removal, the homeowner should not remove the satellite brackets because the fastener holes in the roof will create water problems once the brackets are removed. 

-OHA revised, May 2017