Propane Tank Installation

The Olympia Architectural Review Committee (ARC), with approval from the Olympia Homeowners Assn. (OHA) Board of Trustees, has established the following procedure for propane tank installation for a fireplace or other uses.  All homeowners considering the installation of a propane tank must observe the following procedure.

1.     Submit an “Application for Modification to Your Home” form to the ARC.  These forms are available on the resident rack, across from the library in the clubhouse, or are available on the website:

2.     Approval (in writing, signed and dated) must be given by any neighbors directly affected by the propane tank installation.  Examples of ways in which a neighbor may be affected include (but are not limited to) the following:
a.     An intrusion into the neighbor’s private courtyard by the propane tank installation
b.     Propane tank would present an unsatisfactory view from the neighbor’s window

3.     Additional propane tank requirements include:
a.     Tank must be entirely on the homeowner’s property
b.     The propane gas supply pipe is painted bright yellow for safety recognition purposes.  It may not be painted any other color.
c.      Propane tank installation cannot be in view from the front of the house or from the street

4.     After receiving approval from the ARC and the OHA Board of Trustees, the homeowner must obtain a permit from the City of Strongsville.  This is to ensure that city codes, safety and installation procedures are met.  Permit forms are available at the Strongsville City Service Building, located on Foltz Parkway.

5.     Propane tank installation must be performed by a licensed contractor.  Contractor must also be registered with the City of Strongsville.

6.     After installation, a Strongsville building inspector must complete a final inspection of the installation.

Note:  If wood has been burned in the fireplace prior to the propane installation, it is recommended that the chimney be cleaned by a chimney sweep.

-OHA revised, May 2017